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Restrictive Diets - By Lindsay Mumma

Most of you reading this aren't gluten intolerant, at least not that you know of. Most of you don't suffer from migraines. But most of you - whether you're paying attention or not - are having negative side effects from the foods you're using to fuel your body.Check out this website on paleo

Almost two years ago, I decided to clean up my diet. I'd been pretty conscious of the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet, but I realized after I started regular supplementation and being more careful about following that anti-inflammatory diet, I was getting less migraines, which was a huge motivator for me. I started getting migraines when I was 8, and they stuck around until I was 16. Seeing a chiropractor is actually what ended that "cycle" of migraines. They stayed away until I was 22, and then I started getting them again until they stopped 15 months ago. That was until last night. I got the old familiar scintillating scotoma, and spent dinner trying to see my food, my husband, or anything other than those annoying, blinding lights. The scintillating scotoma is a precursor to a migraine. I don't get any headache pain until after that disappears (about 30-45 minutes). It's annoying, but knowing that I'm about to get a monster headache with sensitivity to light, nausea, possible vomiting, and extreme fatigue is definitely worse than sight obstruction.

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