Slowing Down as You Learn to Play

Many beginner and professional musicians make the mistake during their practice time of playing too quickly when they are trying to learn new music. You have the desire to play through it to get the song over with, but you’re not benefiting from rushing through it. To really make good progress with a song, you should play it slowly first rather than quickly. We will discuss why below.

Have you ever heard the saying that you have to learn to walk before you can run? My friends who are the best movers Odenton Md, say this all the time. This statement is completely true in music. If you go through playing a song several times too quickly, it simply means you are practicing the song with your mistakes rather than doing it the right way.

For the piece to sound right, your brain and fingers need to work correctly together. If you are only able to play a song quickly and not slowly, it is because you only taught your fingers to play it, not your brain. Instead, play the song more slowly and gradually add speed so the song will sound more balanced and musical.

There is a difference between playing a song and playing music. This is called musicality. Though you may be able to play the song correctly, it still may not sound beautiful. When you learn to play the song slowly, you will be able to add things to it such as contrast and emotion.

If you play the song quickly, the only thing you worry about is your fingers. When you slow it down, you can concentrate more on the sound of each note and how that sound is created. It makes all the difference in the terms of musicality when you learn a song at a steady pace.

In conclusion, it is better to learn a song slowly than to play it fast and emphasize your mistakes. Playing slowly can feel tedious, but it is worth it. It can be tempting to play the song at the tempo you hear that, but that doesn’t help you become a better musician. You can learn almost any song you want thing progressive tempos. Doing this will also help build your confidence and make you a better guitar player.