How to Develop Speed on the Guitar

Most beginning guitar players are anxious to speed up there playing on the guitar. One of the questions I get often as how to play faster. Below are some ways to help you gain speed while playing your guitar.

Go Slower

Though it may seem odd, if you want to play faster on the guitar, you must slow down first. You must learn to walk before you run and speed comes naturally from knowing how to play the different parts. It is important to play at a slower tempo until you perfect it, then begin speeding it up. This may require you to break the song or part down into smaller pieces as you learn. Once the whole piece has been learned, you can speed it up some.



Continue playing the piece again and again and again. Play it until you can do it without effort. Once you get to where you can play it without having to think about it, you can focus on making it more musical. Practice is the key ingredient to increasing your speed. As you practice, the steps you take in playing become effortless. This post is brought to you by junk removal in Smyrna Ga.

Play What You Love

If you love a certain song, you will work harder to perfect it. There’s not much worse than trying to learn songs that you hate. When you try to learn a hard song that you love, it will come easier than trying to learn an easy song that you hate. When learning to play becomes a chore, everything gets harder.

At the end of the day, the music you play should be what moves you. With lots of practice, speed can be learned. Yes, some shortcuts can be used, but practice is the key to perfection. In this digital age, you can find many things online that can help you learn to play better and faster. Use the resources you have available to you to tweak your skills and make you a better guitar player.