Things That Can Make You a Better Player

Regardless of your experience level, every musician can make progress. There is always some way you can improve. Even guitar legends have room for improvement. Below are some ways you can improve your musicianship.

  1. Try learning a difficult piece: try finding a song that is more difficult than any song you have played before. Make sure it isn’t too hard for you, but still challenges you. By learning a hard song, you learn better technique. Your skill level will increase, as will your confidence.
  2. Consider taking lessons: many guitarists prefer to skip lessons. Lessons can help you play better at any level. Your mentor can pass tips on to you that they have learned over the years. When it comes to technique, there are a number of things you may not know. Your best bet is to go with a private teacher. They can help you learn your instrument much better. Though hiring one can be expensive, it is worth the money. A good teacher can not only help you play, but give you the encouragement you need and offer opportunities for you to play. A friend of mine with several tattoos was getting a tattoo removed in Atlanta and second guessed it a little because it goes with the persona of a musician. Good thing he has plenty more to make up for it!
  3. Listen to your playing: the best way to understand how you play is to record yourself. This can show you what you need to work on by pinpointing places that need to be fine-tuned. You can also use the recording to get feedback from others. This is especially useful if you are shy about playing guitar in front of other people.
  4. Practice in front of others: your progress can greatly improve by playing in front of others. This can be very intimidating in the beginning, but once you beat the stage fright, it gives you a rush like nothing else. Who knows, you may be sitting around a campfire one evening, whip out your guitar, and become the center of attention. Any time you can play in front of others will benefit you musically.

You may believe you are good enough as a musician and don’t need the above tips to take you further. You would be wrong, though. You can always grow as a musician and get better. Start off with a four tips above, then move forward by learning more about music theory. Above all else, continue practicing regularly. Practicing the best way to continue progressing when playing the guitar.